Frequently Asked Questions

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Using After the Deadline for Google Chrome

Does After the Deadline check my writing as I type?

No, this is the built-in spell checker. This add-on does not check your writing as you type.

What versions of Google Chrome does After the Deadline work with?

For best results, use After the Deadline with Google Chrome 5.0.375.29 or higher. This is current for the beta channel. After the Deadline works with the stable channel but some feature are not available. The beta channel release is faster too.

After the Deadline does not work with my favorite site, what do I do?

That’s not cool. The best thing to do is fill out the contact form. Include your browser version, operating system, and what extensions you have installed. We’ll look into it. If you post messages in other places, we can’t interact with you and get more information. This means the problem may go unsolved.

Site and Application Specific Questions

[CKEditor] Why doesn’t After the Deadline show up on CKEditor?

We put a lot of effort into making the “proofreading mode” of After the Deadline emulate the WYSIWYG editor you’re using. In fact, maybe we did too good of a job because no one seems to know there is a proofreading mode. 🙂 We were unable to make your text in proofreading mode appear as it does in CKEditor. Because of this, AtD does not attach to CKEditor.

[Google Docs] Does After the Deadline work with Google Docs?

After the Deadline works with the old Google Docs interface. The old interface works like most WYSIWYG editors online. The new interface does not.

[Google Docs] After the Deadline highlights parts of words and does other strange things in Google Docs?

You’re probably working with a document pasted or imported from Microsoft Word. The HTML generated in this case is very strange. Sometimes several HTML tags end up in a word for no reason. After the Deadline looks at the text inside of HTML tags and assumes the entire word is there. This assumption holds in most editing situations.

About the Proofreader

Can I add words to the dictionary?

No, but you can add phrases to an ignore list so they don’t show up as errors.

Do you differentiate between American, British, and Canadian English?

Not yet. For now, American, British, and Canadian variations of words are in our dictionary.

Is After the Deadline available for languages other than English?

Yes. You can check spelling for French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish with After the Deadline. French and German have some grammar checking ability too.

Why did this add-on flag a correct word as misused?

The proofreading feature looks for commonly confused words and then decides, using the surrounding context, if another word is a better fit. Sometimes it gets it wrong.

After the Deadline missed an error I made, what happened?

The proofreading feature is not a replacement for carefully reading what you write. It is a safety net meant to capture common mistakes and bring them to your attention. Finding every error is not possible with today’s technology.

Questions about After the Deadline

Do you support other browsers?

We have a bookmarklet that works in Safari and newer versions of Internet Explorer. A Firefox add-on is available.

Can I add After the Deadline to another application?

After the Deadline and the libraries to add it to other web applications are open source. Our Firefox add-on uses the AtD Core library which parses the After the Deadline protocol and highlights errors.

Does this add-on analyze my writing locally or on one of your servers?

After the Deadline is a software service. This means when you click the AtD button, your writing in that text area is sent, encrypted via SSL, to our server where it is processed for errors. Our intelligent checking is data intensive making it impossible to do the same checking locally in your browser.

Single line text input boxes (where you enter passwords and credit card numbers) are ignored by this add-on.

After the Deadline for Firefox follows Automattic’s privacy policy.